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Kamikaze Kangaroos  is one of the funniest travel books ever and will have you laughing out loud.


Tony James Slater  tells the tale of an outrageous adventure: three people, one van, on an epic, 20,000 mile road trip around Australia.


Most things that can  go wrong do, even his attempts to hide an active affair with one girl from the other.


'Kamikaze Kangaroos' gives a wonderful flavour of the campsites and  little towns that punctuate the huge continent and a few of the  rouges and heros that they meet along the way.


The van – nicknamed ‘Rusty’ – is a crumbling wreck, held together by the world’s most garish paint job.


At only £1.99 on kindle from Amazon the book is is too good a bargain to miss.


When it comes to taking your motor home or camping car to France there are a bewildering array of guidebooks and informative web sites to help you with the planning.  All The Aires, France is well worth a look.


It is a hefty book with over six hundred pages packed with information about Aires. Places are where you can stop, usually for a limited time.  The contents of the guide are divided into 14 different areas of the country with an index and a map. Opened up, a double page spread presents you with pictures of the locations and details regarding the services and charges (at the time of publication.)  Satellite-Navigation coordinates are also included.  Some are free, some provide limited electricity and water for a charge and just a few may have toilets. If you require these facilities you may do well to consider using a campsite.


The book is handy if you are travelling outside the holiday season, (which is short,) when many campsites close down.

We found a particularly attractive Aire on the banks of the Seine but others that were not quite so well placed. You can find that some have closed down after the guide was printed.  So it is well to arrive early and have a few alternatives in mind.

The guide contains excellent information and is in English.  For more information visit www.vicariousbooks.co.uk

If you can get by in French visit a supermarket in France or search ‘camping car guide France price’ on Google and you will find less comprehensive but cheaper guides.

Paris by Metro by Mike Gerrard  will inspire you when planning and help you get the most out of a visit to Paris


Under each stop the sights above ground are listed in order of walking time from the Metro station.  The Metro is as much an aspect of Paris life as its museums, parks, streets and markets.  There are 14 lines and approaching 300 stations but it is the ones that have a rich offering of attractions that Mike Gerrard concentrates on.


The book is packed with information and well illustrated with pictures on practically every page    


Slipping into the coat pocket it is an easily portable book that can have you on the move in Paris.  Just leafing though it may inspire you to make the journey there, and that is not difficult. Travelling by Eurostar from London’s St Pancras Station  Paris is only 2 hours and 15 minutes away.

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A website thats merits a look



Billy’s Search for the Healing Well


Helen Burke’s new book, Billy’s Search for the Healing Well, is an excellent tale from the fertile mind of our regular contributor

Helen Burke.

It is just the thing to keep the youngsters happy when travelling and to challenge the imagination of all who seek adventure.


Perhaps we all need a guide like Patsy the leprechaun to help us along the way. Billy's search in Ireland for the mysterious  'Healing Well'  takes him into a magical land, full of strange and threatening creatures.

Settle down, as I did,  with this and a glass of wine, and you too might find yourself ‘away with the fairies’.


Published by Olympia Publishers 23-02-2017, £6.99, Paperback,

ISBN: 978-1- 84897-761-7

20170225-book-review 00 Jane Blog

A Maverick Traveller and six other  books by Mary Jane Walker

Mary Jane is is a writer and blogger of travel stories that come with political and  humorous content. She talks about people she has met along the way.

Mary Jane first experienced world travel in an unusual way, as part of the crew on a Chinese. She likes to travel with no real plans and decides where to see next when she gets there. She likes to explore the culture and history of places that are off the beaten track as well as places that are well known, and to talk to the local people.

By the time she sat down to write her books, Mary Jane had travelled the world, from the Arctic Circle to work as a park ranger on an uninhabited island administered by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation. She had accumulated suitcases fully of photo albums, loose photographs, correspondence, and souvenirs. She had also spent two years (mostly naked) onLa Dame de Canton;drunk hallucinogenic tea in the Amazon rainforest; and got so lost she ended up at Robin Hood’s hiding-place.Her first book, A Maverick Traveller, is Mary Jane’s most autobiographical. A Maverick Traveller also introduces many of the journeys that Mary Jane describes in her later books.


One More Croissant for the road.

Here is a book that adds another dimension to travel.


If you drive in France you can't fail to have noticed the swarms of super slim cyclists that whizz along in tight knit, lycra clad squads.

There are other ways of tackling the byways of France. Francophile and food writer, Felicity Cloake took a trip on a bike called 'Eddie   to capture the flavour of the country. She travelled over fifteen hundred miles to sample the specialities of each Department. If you tuck into Felicitiys book you will find a travelogue interspersed with a great variety of recipes. Along the way she visited a different Boulanger each day and tried out a croissant and in scoring them gave points out of ten.


"One More Croissant for the Road is a most enjoyable read

and is published by Mudlark at £14.99




Sandy Shores is good read particularly if Fuerteventura features in your holiday plans


After the 1942 Battle of El Alamein the German Afrika Korps returned to the west.

The vanguard was winged and reconnaissance planes ordered to observe and report to Berlin Vichy-French resistance to the British-American joint invasion of North Africa. One of these planes was shot down and crashlanded on the surface of the Atlantic.

The two surviving officers rowed in a rubber dinghy into the nearest coast of Jandia, Fuerteventura...


I tracked the book down on ebay. It cost under £4.00 from www.worldofbooks.com

20210105 Billys Search

Billy's Search for the Unspell Spell


Billy's Search for the Unspell Spell is Helen Burke's sequel to  'Billy's search for the Healing Well'. It is a fast moving romp that will keep children captivated.


Billy aided by Patsy the leprechaun, Ronan and Tia from the Magical Meadow battle to restore the Merrow' powers and break a spell that is destined to have Billy's  Gran remain as a fairy in Ireland forever.


The book which is priced at £7.99 is available from Olympia Publishers