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Meet new friends on a French farm.

Consider the appeal of a VW Campervan.

Visit Argyll and Perthshire in Scotland.

Wander in France from village to vinyard.


Caravan in Holland

Winter 2015


Las Vegas attractions

Visit Vancouver

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Going Dutch

Alisubm fiji photo 1

Cruising River Thames

Canoeing with Alligators

Fiji Islands

1 Midi Cruiser 201409_Ferry Adam_Tahiti4Canoe aBferPompy

Attractions beside the Canal du Midi

Car ferries on the River Seine and U Boats in Lorient

Luxury cruise to Tahiti

The D Day Embrodery and the Bayeau Tapestry.

Pick of the Theme Parks

Attractions beyond Sydney

20141209-Disney2 ASydSurfKid1 FuturoscopePic_WEB FP Nude Couple Sunset

Futuroscope in France

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Where to get your kit off

Autum  2014

Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Seychelles a 1,000 miles from anywhere

AlgonquinCanoeWEB WEBSeychelles_bay aCHcouple

Fuerteventura Kite Festival

Copenhagen, home of the 'Little Mermaid


Canoeing and wolves

Spring  2015


2 Basque train vultures

The Basque Region

and the mountain train

St Malo a place to linger

Ballooning over Burgundy

The Grapes of Roja

the festival of San Mateo

Summer  2015

    Canal from London

Morocco Bound

Along the Big Sur

Airport Shopping

Autumn 2015


Winter 2016

The Isles of Scilly

Dutch Theme Parks.

The river is coming

Border Castles

Spring 2016


Boating on the Shannon


We tackle the Thames

Nijmegen and Arnhem, for bikes, bridges and battles.





Spa Holidays in Thailand

Antiguan beach life.

The Island of Arran, Argyll and Kintyre

The cuisine on Antigua and her sister island Barbuda.

Summer  2016


The wonderful 2CV lives on as a holiday rental

We have some great days out in the Scottish Borders

Is it a house, is it a boat ,

is it a work of art?

Helen Burke and Richard take to the mountains


Autumn 2016


Winter 2017

In St Lucia there’s magic with colourul birds and the mighty, waddling monitor lizards.

Allan Rogers embraces winter in the Canaval de Quebec

On the cruise at Cape Cod

a couple of Minkie whales were our first sighting.


Spring 2017

Bird of Paradise flowers

in Madeira

Allan Rogers finds giants in Pas de Calais

Helen Burke on the charms of The Aude

America's Dairyland

Lake Como

Madison with

clapboard houses, and trees in the streets

In Wisconsin

amid  explored silver domed

silos and crop fields.

Adam Jacot de Boinod  finds  it

to be the most impressive of the Italian lakes.


A  a very unspolt island  for a honeymoon,

a young family or in retirement.

 America's most livable city.

Animal Attraction

Swiss Summer

Lodge Christmas

Autumn  2017

America's Dairyland

Lake Como


A  a very unspolt island  for a honeymoon,

a young family or in retirement.

Summer  2017

Summer  2017

Without a Donkey

We follow in the hoof steps of Stevensons Travels with a Donkey

Adam Jacot de Boinod compares Swiss  and Mediterannean Summers.

Allan Rogers meets an agressive bird in France

Helen Burke enjoys a white Christmas in British Columbia


A  a very unspolt island  for a honeymoon,

a young family or in retirement.

Spring 2018

Winter 2018



One of the benefits of travelling off-season is that there are often cut price deals available. We find a few more than you might expect.


Driving a bargain

A Dutch Treat as Allan Rogers

goes afloat

Helen Burke gets a friendly welcome when they take their campevan

We guide you to aviation events around the country and Allan Rogers boards Concorde at the Scottish National Museum of Flight when  he visits the best preserved World War Two airfield

Honolulu  Heaven,


Waking gently on the beach.

Adam Jacot de Boinod reports.

The sky's the limit


Summer 2018

Houseboat'n in Florida

The St Johns is 160 miles of navigable river

Hvar,  Croatia

 is easily visited using a package holiday or travelling independently.

The paradise of providence for Adam Jacot de Boinod

Autumn in New York

We fall for the season in New York State


Adam in Austria

Quebec in Spring

Where the Romans Roamed

Adam Jacot de Boinod  on Vienna and Salzburgerland


Autumn  2018

Allan Rogers takes to the hills with the Blue Lady

Maveric traveller Mary Jane Walker, visits a 'cool' city

Helen Burke finds great places in city and beach


Winter 2020


Costa Rica

Cayman Islands

Just click on a picture


How the West was Wonderful

Grand Cayman is  the best known diving destination in the Caribbean.  

Adam Jacot de Boinod  joins the fast  monkeys and the slow moving sloths

At the  guest ranch  Allan Rogers's cowboy outfit didn't fool the horse,  

Enroute Attractions

Travelling the length of England we take some breaks in  the journey



Costa Rica

Berwickshire Coast. Ahead lay the fishing port of Eyemouth, Coldingham Bay and St Abbs Head’


Unspoilt and understated Lisbon is adorned with tiles on the buildings and cobbles on the streets.


Tunisia's  ‘Isle of Forgetfulness’,

Habeeb Salloum explains why travellers go into raptures when describing this island - made famous by Ulysses.


It’s like heaven on earth with a veritable garden of Eden,

Puerto Rico

Wandering with a Honda

Allan Rogers  took his little motorbike to Norway

Fez in Morocco

Habeeb Salloum  visits Fez discribed as  the`Queen of Cities' and `Jewel of North Africa'.

Where Caribbean meets the Atlantic.

It has palm lined beaches, rain forest, and a bustling city.

Adam in Verona 

Adam Jacot de Boinod  visited Verona and found it for a perfect for a long weekend.

gate DSC_3330

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Black Forest loir malaga Jerseyf Untitled-1 Untitled-1

Autumn  2019

Adam in Parma

Luxor with Habeeb Salloum

Gran Canaria by Bus

Black Forest by Burkemobile


Jersey Bike and Beauty

Allan Rogers on the Loir

F06 DCP04439

Helen Burke drives through the breath taking scenery of the Moselle Valley

Habeeb Salloum enthuses about one of Spains most romantic cities

We find the perfect way to explore this Channel Island's leafy byways


Winter 2019

Exploring in France

as we  fly over and meander along the Loir

The greatest open air museum on earth


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Autumn 2020

The South of Fuerteventura

Morro Jable with its square white houses sparkled in the sun like a heap of sugar cubes.  

It became our  holiday 'Shangri-La.'

Habeeb Salloum visited the cave dwellers.

Matmata, is the largest of the dozen underground towns in Tunisia.  They have been populated by Berbers for, perhaps, 2,000 years.

Beyond the North Sea.

In the Netherlands the motorway traffic was furious.  We stayed there a a couple of days and set off  with Southern Holland, the Ardennes,  Nothern France and Belgium in our sights.

The Lake District

It is a world heritage site and one of the country’s' major tourist attractions. and  since Victorian times as a desirable destination for coach tours

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