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Summer 2018  (July to September)

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Houseboat'n in Florida

The St Johns River has 160 miles of navigable river and opens up in some places as wide as half a mile.  When  Allan Rogers took over the 46 foot houseboat he felt as though he was in command of a floating double-decker bus.. The main cabin was much like the sitting room of a small house.

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Hvar,  Croatia

Thre are 1,185 islands off Croatia and we visited the long and the short of them.

Hvar, the longest, which, with it's seemingly endless sunshine, has been called the 'Croatian Madeira,'  is easily visited using a package holiday or travelling independently.


'The paradise of providence'. That’s how Adam Jacot de Boinod felt about Puglia in Spring.

So fertile for its dry, hot climate. So uplifting with its masseria, the whitewashed farmhouses with their singular but solid shapes and spacious courtyards.

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Autumn in New York

We fall for the season in New York State

They call it ‘Fall’ we call it ‘Autumn’ but all who have seen the spectacle of the changing season in New England and New York State agree that it is ‘the’ time to be there.

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