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The South of Fuerteventura


At the end of the Jandia beach 'Morro Jable' with its square white houses sparkled in the sun like a heap of sugar cubes.  

It became our  holiday 'Shangri-La.'  

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Habeeb Salloum visited the cave dwellers.


Matmata, is the largest of the dozen underground towns in Tunisia.  

This city of caves and the surrounding troglodytic villages have been populated by Berbers for, perhaps, 2,000 years. .

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Beyond the North Sea.


In the Netherlands the motorway traffic was fast and furious.  However we found peace at Bos park in Bilthoven and then set off with the rest of Southern Holland, the Ardennes,  Nothern France and Belgium in our sights.

The Lake District in Cumbria 


is a world heritage site and one of the country’s' major tourist attractions.

It has been popular since Victorian times. Before Covid restrictions it was a popular destination for coach tours