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Summer 2019 (July to September)

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Puerto Rico

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Wandering in Norway

Allan Rogers  took his little Honda motorbike to Norway.

and stayed in a cabin. Inside the first impressions were of warmth and of that lovely scent of wood. Complete with satalite television. It seemed to have everything.

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Fez in Morocco


Habeeb Salloum  explains why  Fez is discribed as  the`Queen of Cities' and `Jewel of North Africa'. Within its ancient walls, the largest medina in the Arab world has been preserved and as in its medieval times,  donkeys, mules and humans do all the transport and labour.  

The Island of Puerto Rico sits a thousand miles south-east of Miami, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. It has palm lined beaches, a primitive rain forest, and a bustling city. We took to the water and met some exotic fish.

Adam in Verona


Adam Jacot de Boinod

visited Verona and found it for a perfect for a long weekend away or addition to either Lake Garda or Venice. Dreamy, exquisite and measured as only the Italians know how.

20181205-Sparefare-Ad Verona 05 FEZ02 gate DSC_3330