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Tunisia's  ‘Isle of Forgetfulness’, holds visitors under its spell. A great many attribute this to its magic halo - a combination of a clear-blue sky, shining white houses and a warm, yet not too hot climate.

Habeeb Salloum  tries to find out why travellers go into raptures when describing this island - made famous by Ulysses.


The Berwickshire Coast

We took our campervan, 'The Blue Lady' over the Border into Scotland and stopped  at the first layby  to appreciate the dramatic view of the Berwickshire Coast. Ahead lay the fishing port of Eyemouth, Coldingham Bay and

St Abbs Head’


Unspoilt and understated Lisbon is adorned with tiles on the buildings and cobbles on the streets. She isn’t so much neglected as preserved and worthy of many a setting for films, especially those in black and white.

The sea breeze wipes away what little pollution there is from any ‘escape’, as a car exhaust is interestingly called.

It’s like heaven on earth with a veritable garden of Eden, as it took me down its seductive cobbled paths full of exotic plants. I was stopped in my tracks by a purple and turquoise ‘jade vine’ bud cascading from its branch that looked so unreal as to be fanciful. Every inch of space is clearly used to maximum effect with plants bearing fruits such as avocado and banana, papaya and orange.

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